Printing & Promotion

We work on graphic design, printing, and promotional items with modern and high-quality production, as well as a creative path that translates an idea into a product, in the Print and Promote department.

Circle Advertising specializing in audiovisual products, audio production, digital visual effects, virtual reconstructions, graphic animations and software/mobile applications for the Cultural and Creative Industry.

Who we are?

Based in iraq, Sulaimaniyah ,  Kurdistan, and serving clients in an ever more competitive environment around the world, we are fully in tune with the demands of those companies we work with, and strive to deliver the most dynamic ways of working to build brand and product awareness which in turn adds value to client propositions and products through new customer acquisition over multiple platforms for synergistic integration.

This allows you to focus on your business, while we focus on taking that business to new levels of success.

We are a creative advertising & design agency, with years of experience, providing integrated communication solutions, designing high quality professional graphics & advertising materials to our clients. We are the one source for all your company’s marketing requirements.
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